Tuesday 1/3/15


So Wade is playing this new game called Clash of Clans and the girls are almost as addicted to it as he is!  (Great!)


This is the fun nativity set that the girls made before Christmas.  I’m just getting around to photographing it now.

Saturday 1/12/15


Today Linnea and Auntie M took their Spanish midterms.  Sienna offered to help Monica by writing appropriate letters for her multiple choice answers.


She was a little slower than L, so L had to wait patiently for S to finish before moving onto the next section.


L ended up scoring a 96% and I believe Monica was around the same!  Good job, girls!


Friday 1/9/15 – Happy Birthday, Monica!


We had a fire burning today, so L sat near the humidifier to keep her nasal passages clear.  I don’t think she was even sick!


I made homemade bread today and the girls enjoyed watching it turn and rise.


Thursday 1/8/15


Sienna is so cute when she plays videogames!


She takes after me (and probably many others) in that she moves her entire body when she plays.  ;-)

Wednesday 1/7/15


This evening we celebrated Monica’s birthday at her house.  Sienna colored a picture for her!


And made her a necklace!




Linnea colored a picture too!


And a bracelet too!

Tuesday 1/6/15 – Happy Birthday Grandma!


Sienna thought it would be fun to continue playing Hide and Seek back at home too!  Goofball!


This morning we got about four inches or more of snow and it all happened during rush hour traffic.  For some reason, the county schools did NOT close, which blew all our minds, cause usually they close if there’s a dusting.  No, today the buses drove down un-plowed streets and attempted to take kids to school.  Many buses arrived late and some even ran off the road.  It was ridiculous!  The photo above shows what Fairfax County Parkway looked like that morning.  I don’t recall if Wade went in that morning, but the roads all over the DC area were red with stand-still traffic.  Ah, the Mid-Atlantic has no idea how to deal with snow, though I think with how the last few years have gone, they should figure out how since it’s becoming a trend!


Since we were homebound today, I decided to do some yoga in between lessons.  Linnea ended up joining me and made me look like a fool with her perfect form!


Downward dog!

Monday 1/5/15


Sleeping Beauty didn’t want to wake up this morning (or afternoon)!  I can’t remember!

Friday 1/2/15


Today we drove home to VA where the girls were delighted to play with their Christmas toys again!


They were also very excited to see the enlarged Christmas tree and polar bear that had grown (in water) while we were gone.

Thursday 1/1/15

Dad's Christmas Photo 117crop

This morning started like all the others.  Slowly.  As you can see, we played some video games.  Sienna and I played Angry Birds.  I don’t remember what Wade and L were playing.

Dad's Christmas Photo 119crop

Looks like L is playing Temple Run.


After breakfast, the girls went out to play in the snow!


Snow Angels!


Sienna came inside after a little while, though L decided to stay outside a bit longer!


Pointing at something….


L’s hand eating S’s Tinker Toy!


Playing Hide and Seek later with Grandpa!


Sienna was much better at hiding that Grandpa!  LOL!


Sienna’s turn to hide again.  L looked in the blanket bin….but she wasn’t there.  Can you find her?


This time she’s in the bin!


Later she hung out with Grandma while she did something on her laptop!

Wednesday 12/31/14

Sienna Computer Sienna Computer 2


Sienna playing videogames on the computer – specifically making cakes!

Girls Computer

The girls each playing on their own computers!

Snow 1

It snowed tonight and the girls had fun playing outside after we got home from The Olive Garden!


Tonight the girls ended up having a sleepover together in Linnea’s twin bed!  I found them in bed when I went in to tuck them in after midnight!  I think it’s adorable that they’re sleeping in the exact same position!  Too cute!